Jackie Harris

I'm Jackie Harris. I help businesses just like yours sort out their marketing. I'm a whizz at digital stuff. Old enough to know the good old fashioned basics, and I create tons of creative content.

I've spent my entire career in marketing, corporate communications and PR. Over the years I've worked with multi-national corporations and ambitious start-ups.

Shall I do some name dropping?

Why not. I've been lucky enough to work on some terrific projects, at a senior level, for leading corporate brands; 8 divisions of IBM, British Telecom, Hewlett Packard, Dell Computers, Lotus Software, Jordan’s F1, Sun Microsystems, and Barclays Bank. My work for these firms included handling massive budgets (and massive egos - I've got lots of stories to tell for my memoires). On a day to day level my work focused on:

  • Communications strategies
  • Marketing planning
  • National and international media relations
  • National and international analyst relations
  • Content creation
  • Media training
  • Mentoring and coaching junior marketing and PR teams

Small businesses

I've also done some fantastic work that I'm really proud of with small businesses, start-ups, family businesses and some 'last chance saloon' projects.

  • Nuclear supply chain
  • IT
  • Hospitiality industry
  • Food & Drink sector
  • Professional services (law, accoutancy, leadership development and management consultants)

I can help you become marketing self-sufficient

My goal is to work with you until you get to the point where you are self-sufficient in your marketing. As well as being 'hands-on', I also coach, mentor and support you through your marketing efforts to make sure every penny you spend gives you a profitable return.

Knowledge sharing

Let's say you have hired a junior marketing person and you want to develop them to become a marketing director of the future - I can coach and mentor your individual or team, share the contents of my head, and help them upskill to be able to deliver the performance you need to grow the business.

I'm a kick ass writer

If I say so myself, I'm a kick ass copywriter and content creator. It's a skill that's very much in demand and something I enjoy.

Long form content

I can turn my hand to most written projects (except for best-man speeches - please don't ask me). However I'm particularly good at long-form content such as:


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