Welcome to the content marketing agony column

Where stressed out business owners share their marketing problems.

Hello. I'm Jackie Harris. I help businesses just like yours sort out their marketing. I'm a whizz at digital stuff. Old enough to know the good old fashioned basics, and I can create tons of creative content for every marketing situation where you need words that sell.


Creating content can drive you crazy

Dear Jackie
"I'm drowning in a sea of meaningless clichés, and can't write a sentence without using the word strategic..."   

Firstly, STEP AWAY FROM THE KEYBOARD, and no-one will get hurt! If you feel you’re suffocating in a quagmire of describing yourself as a ‘one-stop- shop solution provider’,  you need to call me now. I can help you work out your tone of voice, discover the personality of the business, and create new content that makes you stand out. And even more importantly, potential customers will understand what it is you do!

Dear Jackie

"My business isn't growing and I don't know what to do next..."  

This is a very common problem, you are not alone! I can put my beady eyes on your business and help you work out what to do next. That might involve a bit of troubleshooting, or maybe you need to get a proper grown up marketing plan together. Whatever the problem, I can normally work out what needs to happen and get it sorted. Even if it's not my 'thang', I can point you in the right direction.


Get a funny cat

Dear Jackie

"Our social media is so bad that our office cat has masterminded a kitty-coup d'état. At least we get a few cheap likes and shares. Can you help us work out what to do with our social media and how to make it work for our business?" 

A cat in charge of a selfie stick is no laughing matter. You need to get a proper social media plan together that works with you, not against you. I can help you with content ideas, show you how to recycle your content across multiple platforms and engage with the right audience. This will help you sell more, and protect you against future bolshie-pet mutinies.

Dear Jackie

"I'm tearing my hair out over my marketing, am I going crazy?"

Obviously I can't vouch for your sanity in clinical terms, but I can tell you that pulling your hair out in chunks is not a good look. The good news is that I have some options where we can do a quick Skype call and I can give you some pointers on where you might be going wrong. It's painless, and it's a lot cheaper than having to buy a good quality wig.

woman with wine

Dear Jackie

"I'm deeply ashamed of our website content and I'm tired of always having to explain what our company does. Should I wear a paper bag over my head when I go out?"

Ahh, the old website shame problem! There's no need to change your name or go on the run. You need to look at my website content packages. In no time at all, you will be able to walk into any business networking event with pride, and sell your entire paper bag collection on EBay with confidence. You'll never need it again.

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