Jackie Harris

I'm no spring chicken, but I've still got plenty of miles on the clock

In short, when it comes to marketing, I know where the bodies are buried. Originally I was a media hustler for giant IT brands such as BT, IBM and HP - it was my job to get postitive stories into the national media. To do that well I had to be able think creatively, find obscure angles, and write tons of copy - and I had to do it fast. I can't tell you how many times I ended up editing content on my laptop in the back of a cab on my way to a press briefing. But that's one for the memoirs...

Try not to spook the shareholders...

Later I moved into analyst relations (if you have to ask you don't need it), which essentially means using PR techniques to keep share prices stable. Again, I had to be able to write lots of copy that could influence and persuade industry analysts to think and focus on the client's important messages and to make sure nobody spooked the shareholders.

Small businesses & the neverending need for digital content

I moved out of London to live in the Lake District just as social media and digital marketing was taking off. There's not much call for analyst relations in what I do now, but there is an insatiable need for great content. So over the past 10 years or so, I've focused on helping businesses to create proper marketing strategies that align with their business plans, and to create great website content, blogs, email marketing and ideas for their social media accounts.


How do you know if I can actually write?

With the exception of best-man speeches (I don’t do gags), I can pretty much cover any situation where you need written content. Plus I've got a BA in marketing and an MA in Creative Writing which means I've invested time and effort in honing and developing my craft. I'm a member of the Professional Copywriters Association, and all my training courses and materials have been accredited by Open Awards, which essentially means that I've been checked out to within an inch of life, and if I start producing rubbish, I get kicked out.

A few samples

6 lesser known facts about moi...

  1. I've co-written a play that was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 not so long ago. It was called Heft Like the Herdwick.

  2. I had a Singing Elvis wedding in Las Vegas - I think everyone should get married in Vegas at least once.

  3. As a student I dressed as a punk and carried a kettle as a handbag (don't ask)

  4. My mate Liz and I once climbed up onto the stage at the Glasgow Apollo when The Boomtown Rats were singing Mary of the Fourth Form. We were carried out of the building by bouncers.

  5. My friend Charlo and I ran the Amsterdam half marathon and we were actually in last place - people were packing up. We got a motorcycle police and fire engine escort into the Ajax Stadium and a standing ovation as we staggered around the edge of the inconic stadium to the finish line to get our tin foil capes and medals.

  6. I spent a summer working in Paris as an apprentice to a tempramental French Chef who was teaching Cordon Bleu to rich Americans. I once tried to buy ducks in a horsemeat-only butchers (boucheries chevalines). I was the laughing stock of the Rue Mouffetard Market for the entire summer.


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