Time savers to get more done

Marketing is not what it was. We're constantly under pressure to get more done. Back in the dark ages, we created an ad, sent stuff in the post or wrote a press release - we pushed it out, and then got on with our normal day jobs. But now, of course, it’s a totally different ball game. We need to continually keep our social media, blogs and heaven knows what else, continually fed - like throwing lumps of raw meat to a wild beast chained in the basement.

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Be confident about your own value

Pricing is a bit of an emotive issue isn’t it? Well, I’ve had a couple of weeks where I’ve been saying no a lot - but not in a negative way (hang in there).  I’ve been saying no to offers of projects where the money was frankly, rubbish. How is this positive? It’s positive because I decided that enough was enough, and that my time, experience and knowledge were worth more.

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Summertime treat

As my posts have been a bit intermittent just lately, I thought I'd give you a nice 'Brucie Bonus' and open up access to my marketing resource library to you FREE of charge.

It's a collection of mini training webinars and online courses that I've created over the past year or so from my live workshop content. I've packaged it all up and put into this training portal for you to access, absolutely free.

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