10 ways to recycle a blog article

10 ways to recycle your blog posts

How to turn one blog article into ten different pieces of content

I think you’ll all agree that creating a never-ending stream of blog articles and social media content is a pretty time-consuming pastime. So instead of driving yourself to drink or sobbing in front of your screen trying to think of something new to post, delve into your past content and look for ways to recycle and reuse it.

So, imagine you’ve written a pretty good blog post. Let’s see what we can do with it.

1. Create a week’s worth of social media posts

Split your post into say, five short snippets that you’ve pulled out of that article. Create a different picture or graphic (use Canva if you haven’t tried it already), and publish a new post each day, with a link to the original article on your website.

2. Use alternative publishing platforms

Write a slightly different version of your article (so it can’t be viewed as duplicate content on Google), and publish on a platform like Medium, or Linkedin.

3. Create a slide presentation

Turn your post into a nice powerpoint slide presentation and then publish it on Slideshare. From there you can take the link and post out on your social media platforms, and you can even add it to your Linked-in profile.

4. Turn your slide presentation into a teaching video

You could record your voice over the slide presentation and publish it as a video on YouTube or Vimeo. I use either CloudApp or Camtasia to record my screen and voice. Then take the link and share it on all your social media accounts.

5. Turn your post into a live video broadcast

Either broadcast live on Facebook, Instagram or Linked in through their live-video function, or use Periscope for Twitter.

6. Record yourself reading your post as a podcast

Take your podcast and publish it on something like Soundcloud or AudioBoom. Then take the link and share it over social media (there’s a theme coming through here).

7. Turn it into a newsletter article

If you use email marketing, turn your article into a newsletter/email shot. (Ahem, that’s exactly what’ve done with this article).

8. Maybe there’s some news value

Depending on what kind of story you’ve created, there could be some mileage in writing it as a press release for the media. It will need a bit re-writing, but it works well for newsy type stories- new products, new services etc.

9. Look for guest post opportunities

Identify some influential blogs that you could approach to pitch your article for publication. E.g. if your article is about a family topic, then pitch Mumsnet. If your story is about health or fitness, then you could approach MindGreenBody. Re-write your article a bit, and write to the editor to ask if they would like to use it.

10. Create a pdf download and use it as a website lead magnet

Depending on the type of article, you could expand on it by adding more content, and then turn it into a downloadable pdf on your site that could be used as a lead magnet (they give you an email address in exchange for the document). There’s a nifty little app that makes this a five-minute job - it’s called beacon.by. It works well.

That’s it -10 things you can do with one blog article. Obviously, don’t do all of them in the same week. Eek it out over a few months to get the best out of it.

I hope that gives you something to think about.

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