My customer service prize of the week goes to Boots. Here's why.

I was in Boots The Chemist (as my mother always refers to it) today. I was on the hunt for some new gravity defying, industrial strength anti-aging jollup for my ever-sagging 'Deputy Dawg'-like jowls. Let's be honest, all these products are pretty much of a muchness, apart from the price tag. I was assisted by a very able and knowledgeable young woman from the beauty counter, who gave me the pros and cons of different products. Eventually I settled on something that promised to be the fountain of eternal youth, then stocked up more mundane items like shampoo, shower gel and other fripperies. I headed to the till.

When It was my turn to get the front of the line, the very nice lady at the till said, "Now then, if we split this order up into multiple transactions, you can save quite a bit of money." "OK, that's very nice of you," I said. I then stood back and watched what looked like the sharp mind of a Nobel Mathematics prize-winner go to work. She worked out what things were in a 'two-for-three' offer, then printed out a voucher from transaction one, that could be used in transaction two, and so on. It was amazing.

There's two points here. Firstly, how refreshing it was to talk to someone with product knowledge who could really advise me. And secondly, I was blown away that someone took the time and trouble to work out how their customer could make the best savings and get the best possible deal for their purchases. Banks, insurance companies, energy companies - you could learn a lot from the check out ladies on the tills at Boots in Kendal.

From a marketing point of view here's some points.

  1. Product knowledge - when a customer speaks to someone who really does know their stuff, the chances of a resulting sale dramatically increase. I compare this to a real couple of numpties I met in the Regent Street Apple Store a few weeks ago who were clueless about some the features on an iphone 5S (YouTube solved the problem).
  2. Customer needs and desires - Boots went out of their way to help their customer get the best possible deal. They could have just sat back and thought 'well it's up to you to work it out' - but no. They pointed out how I could save money - which means less in their till in the short term but wow, it's the kind of approach that really builds brand loyalty.

So if you're in Boots, particularly the Kendal branch, be extra nice to the staff, they're great and will go out of their way to help.


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