OK, I admit it. I'm a shameless hussy...

I could be coy and terribly British about it all. But to hell it with it - I'm shamelessly touting for votes. I'm a finalist in the Enterprise Vision Awards. It's an award for female entrepreneurs in the North West of England.

You may not know me, in which case there's absolutely no reason why you should bother to vote for me. But could you really live with yourself if you found out that I was pipped at the post because of one teeny-weeny vote?

I've bought a new frock - no pressure, just sayin'

However if you do know me or you decide that you like 'the cut of my jib', and feel like pressing the link below to vote for me, I'd be eternally grateful. After all, on the night, when I'm all decked up in my finery, do you really want me to have to do the "disappointed but it couldn't have gone to a more worthy winner" face? It's nearest thing to the Oscars I'll ever get.

Please press the pretty little button - it will only take a few moments.

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