6 Reasons to be cheerful

I've lost the will to blog over the past few weeks...

I haven’t written a blog or an email since just before the referendum on the 23rd June. For some reason, my heart just wasn’t in it. But now, four weeks later I’ve decided to dust myself down, take a deep breath and get on with it. What’s happened has happened, and we need to make a success of it. So I’ve prepared a list of positive things to help you (and me) feel a little uplifted.

1. Great discounts on fab marketing tools at SumoApp

If you sign up at Appsumo, you get fantastic deals on apps to help make your marketing easier. I just bought a lifetime membership of a great tool for creating social media posts for $29. It’s called Stencil, and it makes it very easy to create cool posts for all your social media. I’ve also just bagged access to a PPC and Google AdWords training course for around £20. So good stuff there - and they don’t spam you with rubbish - so Brucie Bonus there!  www.appsumo.com

2. Interest rates will probably remain low for a while - which means borrowing will become easier

I don’t know about you, but I’ve lost count of the number of mailshots and phone calls I’ve had from banks offering to lend me money. So if you’ve got a big idea to push forward, this might be the moment.

3. Weaker sterling means it’s good value for potential customers overseas to do business with us

We know we have weak pound - but because everything is relative, it doesn’t really make that much difference to us living and working in the UK (apart from going on holiday overseas - which is a bit of bummer). But, and this is the good bit - a lower pound could mean more overseas visitors to tourist destinations in the UK, and if you want to reach out to potential overseas customers, our quotes will seem better value.

4. I read in the Guardian business page that Corporation Tax might go down

I don’t want to get into this too deeply because my brain doesn’t process numbers particularly well - but here’s what the brainy peeps on the business pages said: “A reduction in Corporation tax could attract inward investment to the UK and automatically increase post-tax earnings and the valuation of businesses.’ I don’t really know what that means, but it sounds brainy and positive.

5. Andy Murray won Wimbledon

OK, that’s got nothing to do with business or marketing, but you can’t deny that was a glorious moment and certainly something to feel good about. And just for a few moments, maybe the world didn't look at all of us a bunch of crazy people.

6. You can sing Happy Birthday again without breaking any copyright laws

A judge recently approved a settlement with publishers Warner/Chappell Music Inc, who have been claiming royalties on the happy birthday song for more than 20 years – despite not actually owning rights to the lyrics. “Lyrics”. So hurrah for that.

So there we go - so let’s smile and push forward to success.

If you can think of any other reasons, drop me line and I'll compile some more!

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