7 top tips for growing your email opt-in lists

Sorry I missed you last week. A little thing called life got in the way. So to make it up to you, I’ve got a rip-roarer of a post with some top tips for building an email list.

I get asked about list building techniques quite a lot. So here are my 7 top tips for list building. It’s a quick fire post, so let’s dive in.

1. You can download your linked In contacts.

Did you know you could that? You can download your contacts as a CSV file, then upload into say, Mailchimp and you can do a nice introductory email asking people if they would like to be on your list. (Click on the pictures and they pop up into lightbox so you can see the picture in detail).

2. Take your phone or tablet everywhere you go and ask people to sign up

Mailchimp have a nice little app that allows you to ask people to sign up to your list when you’re at say, a networking event. Or when you gather business cards, just ask people “would you like me to pop you onto my weekly article list?(or whatever you plan to send out)?

3. Use a lightbox pop up box on your website

I use the basic one inside Mailchimp but there are loads of good ones out there. Just google ‘optin box popups’ and you’ll find loads. It will all depend what web system you use. But I can tell you they do make a difference to the number of people who join your list.

4. Hello Bar

If you don’t fancy a pop up, you can try something a little more subtle and use a Hello Bar. It’s free, easy to set up, and it’s very effective. Click here for details.

5. Join in discussions

If you’re on LinkedIn or Facebook, join groups and participate in the conversation. Be nice. Be helpful, and a percentage of people will go to your website and check you out. Then if they like the 'cut or your jib' there's a good chance they'll sign up.

6. Create a juicy piece of fandabbydozy content to give away

The days of ‘please sign up to my newsletter’ are over. No-one cares. People will join your list if you give them something they find of value. So create something helpful - top tips, ways to…, the insider’s guide to… - you get the idea. You may remember a couple of weeks ago I sent you details of Beacon.by - a nifty little app that makes it really easy to turn content into pretty and professional pdfs - that you can offer as a download, and of course, capture people’s details before you give it away.

7. Use the call to action button on Facebook

On your Facebook page you can use the ‘call to action’ button as a way to collect email addresses. Checkout this example from a lovely lady called Amanda Tooke who has a business called The Angel Mystic. When you click the sign up button, it brings up a sign up form which links directly to her Mailchimp account.

That's it for this week. See you next time.