Does Wordpress make your head explode?

The joy of Squarespace will set you free from the tyranny of Wordpress

If you've found yourself sobbing in front of your computer in the middle of the night because your Wordpress site has just lost all its formatting for no good reason. Or even worse, you're faced with the 'Wordpress White Screen of Death' and you can't find anyone who can help you. Or, having just spent hundreds of pounds on e-commerce plugins, Woo Commerce suddenly decides to do a major upgrade and the hours of work you've just put in to get it all to work properly, disintegrate and fall away like a house of cards.

I've been there. Mentally scarred and tortured from months of sleepless nights and frustration, I decided there had to be another way.

It was love at first sight

I now live a glorious stress free website and blog life since I discovered the joy of Squarespace. It's easy, logical, and I have a really classy, good looking website that performs well in search engines, and gives me total creative freedom to change any aspect of it, whenever I want, as often as I want.

It takes minutes to upload a blog post, create a new event, make a price change or make content tweaks. I can add video, audio, code widgets, pictures, galleries, embed surveys, or just plain text. I can sell products or services (using Stripe - which is so much easier than Paypal), it's enabled for enriched pins, and it connects to loads of cool tools.

I know all the online gurus push Wordpress - one of the key reasons for this is that many of these people have affiliate agreements for the major Wordpress hosting companies such as Bluehost, Hostgator and similar companies who pay them a handsome fee for referring people to purchase a hosting package. (Not everyone who loves Wordpress falls into this category, but there are a lot who are).  And before anyone asks, no, I'm not a paid affiliate for Squarespace.

You have options

My real point here is to say that if, like me, you find Wordpress cumbersome, ugly and illogical, you can still have a lovely, fully functional, responsive website without it. Check out and give it a whirl. You get a 14 day free trial without having to add any credit card details. Price start from $8 a month. I pay around £16.00 a month and that includes all hosting - the only other thing I have to pay for is my domain name.

My own websites using Squarespace are: and