Turn blog posts and other content into gorgeous downloadable PDFs and ebooks...

A great way to recycle your content - I've been playing with it all week!

This week I thought I'd share my latest discovery, which is an amazing cool tool that will convert your blog posts and other content you've got kicking around. It's easy, low cost and allows you to create really good looking stuff to offer your customers and followers.

It's called Beacon, and you can find it at Beacon.by .

Why is it cool?

  1. It allows you to rework and recycle content you've already created.
  2. You can create a nifty little booklet that's pretty and professional looking in just a few minutes.
  3. If you've been thinking about creating a simple ebook but were worried about graphic design costs, this will sort it for very little money.
  4. I've thought about using for proposal documents.
  5. I'm also planning to turn my 30 Marketing Tips in 30 Days series (which some of you may remember from last year) into an Ebook.


There's a free version (it has limitations) and then monthly subscriptions. But I thought the most efficient way to do this is to get yourself organised and just do a one month premium subscription for $29 and then cancel it until you need it again.