Summertime treat

Free access to my marketing resource library

As my posts have been a bit intermittent just lately, I thought I'd give you a nice 'Brucie Bonus' and open up access to my marketing resource library to you FREE of charge.

It's a collection of mini training webinars and online courses that I've created over the past year or so from my live workshop content. I've packaged it all up and put into this training portal for you to access, absolutely free.

 I'll be doing a free webinar every two months (don't worry if you can't make it live) the replay will automatically be posted in the resource library. You will be able to see a schedule of the topics for the webinars in the resource library for the rest of this year and next year two.

What's the catch?

Seriously there's no catch. Through all my classroom workshops, I've created tons and tons of marketing related content, and I can't use all of it all the time. So I thought I'd pull some of it together and 'share the love'. You have all been loyal readers, and I want to say how much I appreciate being allowed into your inboxes every week. So thank you for being there.

I'm also planning to launch a couple new things for the autumn, and I'm hoping to increase my profile in preparation for the launch of these projects, which are:

  • An online, step by step copywriting and content creation course
  • An online course on marketing strategy and planning (based on my accredited Certificate in Marketing Strategy classroom based course).
  • An intensive 1-2-1 marketing mentoring programme, essentially to kick your butt into getting your marketing out there.

In truth, opening up a lot of my content for free, is a subtle list building exercise...

I would ask that if you like the look of it, that you be kind enough to forward it onto friends, colleagues and anyone who you might think like it.
One more thing...I've set up a private Facebook group

I know sone of you are already in there, but if you'd like to join in, then you are very welcome to do so. At the moment there are around 50 people in there. It's ok, but in order to become a truly vibrant community of people discussing and sharing marketing techniques, we need to grow it. That way everyone can benefit. I always answer any marketing questions that come up - normally within 24 hours. It's another free resource that you might find helpful.

The Facebook group can found here: