Give your copywriting some welly...

If you’re thinking about giving your web text or other marketing materials a bit of a facelift, here’s a fabulously simple way of looking at everything you write to help you decide how to beef it up and give it some welly.

It’s called CPR.

C = clarity

P = personality

R = resonance


It’s not about writing fancy words; it’s about being clear and simple. This really doesn’t need much explanation. It’s about making sure you state your point as simply and unambiguously as possible. No pussyfooting around. No beating around the bush. Remember, you only have a few seconds to make your reader stop and read.


Lighten up and let your customers see that real people work in your outfit - not robots. Getting personality into your content is about writing like you talk. Imagine you are having a conversation with a customer where you explain what you do and how you can help them. Write down that conversation, warts and all, and then go back and tidy it up. Job done.

  • If you’re fun people to work with, let that come across. If you’re company has a strong ethos about how you do business, let your readers know.
  • When your content has authentic personality, you are building trust because your reader will feel as though they know you. And then….Kerrching!! Money in the bank.


This is about targeting the right people with the right message. In workshops, I often paraphrase the copywriting guru David Ogilvy who said that while we might be writing for thousands of people, the reader should feel it was written just for him or her. When people land on your website or read your marketing bumph, they should be presented with something they can relate to.

Let’s look at a couple of examples of how CPR works in practice

1. GymIt

Clarity, personality and resonance in six words. Perfect.

Clarity, personality and resonance in six words. Perfect.

In this example, a chain of health clubs has taken the time to think about what their members really want from them. A big issue in sports clubs is the reputation they have about hooking you into membership contracts you can never get out of. This simple headline clearly tells the reader that this company is different, and it's funny. Clarity, personality and resonance in 6 words. Perfect.

2. Boring Money

Demystifies financial services and explains it to 'normal' people

Demystifies financial services and explains it to 'normal' people

Boring Money is a website that offers information and financial advice on pensions, savings and anything to do with personal finance. They have stripped out all the horrible financial jargon and offer explanations on how say, an ISA works. It's clear, easy to read and it garners trust by replacing industry gobbledygook with plain language and fun.

3. Pitch Assist

Uses empathy to communicate to entrepreneurs

Uses empathy to communicate to entrepreneurs

This is a company called Pitch Assist who help entrepreneurs and business owners looking for venture capital. There's no nasty 'biz speak', it uses empathy and warmth to resonate with its target customers.

Remember no one will buy from you if your content bores the pants and vest off your readers.

No matter what you sell, you have to communicate with humans.