A quick & dirty launch plan


A quick & dirty launch plan

I’ve been working with a client over the past two weeks who plans to launch some new products or services through the year. As part of the marketing plan, I created a mini launch template that can be adapted for all kinds of things.

I though this might be useful to share a quick & dirty version of this for this week’s marketing tip. It’s very simple - most of it is common sense, so think of it as a sort of simple checklist.

Basics first

  1. Clarify the features and benefits of the new product - why would anyone want this?
  2. Clarity the audience - who will buy this?
  3. Clarify the messages you want to get across - if you overheard two people having a conversation about your new product or service, what would you want them to be saying about your offering?

Stuff to prepare

This will vary depending on your situation, the type of product and market sector, so don’t think you need to do everything. This is an ideal scenario.

  1. Create a web page: presumably you will want to direct potential customers somewhere for information. You may also want to do a promo box area on your home page.
  2. Coming soon page: You could set up a 'coming soon' web page with an opt-in mechanism to gather info from people who have expressed an interest in it. I've done one here for a new product I have in the pipeline. Take a look to get an idea of how this technique could work (and obviously if it speaks to you sign up - I'm quite excited about it)
  3. Photography/video: You will need some good pictures for web, social media, brochures, leaflets etc. Do you need to do a video demonstration?
  4. Draft a press release: If you think your new product has media appeal, draft a story to send to the media. If you’re not sure how to do that, check out this post I wrote a while back which might help. Click here
  5. Leaflets/brochures/point of sale material: If you feel you need a leaflet/flyer/brochure/ then prepare that too.
  6. Blog article: If you have a blog, then a blog article is a good idea. Or maybe a series of articles if that works for you.
  7. Introductory offer: You may want to do an introductory offer, so you should prepare that in advance.
  8. Mailing list: Obviously a nice clean targeted mailing list is the holy grail. So get that ready.
  9. Email shot: prepare what you want to send to your list.

Pushing it out the door

  1. Social media: You might want to consider a three stage posting schedule.
    1. Stage one: ‘Coming soon’
    2. Stage two: ‘Here it is’
    3. Stage three: Promotion or competition
  2. Advertising: Take a look at social media ads if relevant. If print advertising is relevant to you, you will need to make sure you book it well in advance to make sure you get the position in the publication your want, or get the airtime slots you want if you’re using radio.
  3. Get your press release out: It’s normally better to phone first to pitch your story before you send it rather than send it out and then call later. Journalists loathe and detest people ringing them up asking “did you get my press release”. I speak from bitter experience, and it's probably a story for another day.
  4. Start your email marketing campaign: Strike the right balance between being informative and being annoying.

And that's it. If you cover off most of the things on the list, you will have a completed a very respectable and worthy product launch.

I know it’s a bit rough and ready, but it might help focus your thinking.

That's it for this week.

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