New marketing tools I’ve discovered

As most of you know by now, nothing makes my heart sing like the discovery of a really cool app or marketing tool to make the marketeers life easier. Here’s a couple of new-ish ones I’ve been playing with lately that I think are worth a look.

Create amazing social media graphics with Stencil

Inside Stencil

Inside Stencil

I’ve been playing with Stencil for a few weeks, and I’m now a bit of a convert. It’s a fast and convenient way to make professional looking graphics for all your social media accounts. It automatically sizes everything perfectly, and it has a good selection of copyright free images that you can use as part of your subscription. The thing I particularly like, is that if I create a nice graphic sized to fit Facebook, I can click a button and it will automatically resize it to fit say, Pinterest. So one design will be adapted to fit every social media account you have. You simply save, download and you’re all set.

There’s a totally ‘forever free’ membership where you get 10 images a month. The next level up, which is the one I’ve been trialling gives you unlimited and unfettered access for $9 a month. I’m still very much attached to my Canva account, but this is a good and very quick little tool.


Post to Instagram directly from your computer with

Grum for Instagram

Grum for Instagram

This one, which I bought in a Black Friday offer last week, has turned out to be one of those ‘hallelujah’ finds that I’ve been waiting ages for. In essence it allows you to post directly to Instagram without having to use your mobile device. I love Instagram, but sometimes I hanker to be able to post images from my computer. I don’t mind the mobile thing when I’m posting a picture I’ve taken on my phone, but it does become bothersome when I want to post something that is a picture with a text or graphic overlay that I may have created in say Stencil (mentioned above). Grum does this perfectly. You can also schedule your Instagram posts - up until now, the only app (that I could find) that scheduled Instagram (like Latergram), would send you a message to remind you to do the final posting from your phone, which I found annoying.

The only thing you don’t get with this app is the Instagram filters. So if you want to do some photo editing to your picture or graphic, you have to get it just how you want it before you upload it into Grum.

In terms of pricing, it’s $10 a month. I actually managed to bag a lifetime subscription for $29 on Black Friday via Appsumo .  That particular offer has expired now, but if you are into apps its worth signing up at appsumo to get notifications of their latest offers. They don’t send rubbish. All their offers are superb.

I think that's enough TechTalk for today - see you next time.

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