So What? Who Cares?

Use the ‘so what test’ in your copywriting.

This is as old as the hills, but it’s still valid. Even though it’s been around forever, I still see copy on websites that are crammed with features without communicating the benefits.  So how do you know whether something is an actual benefit?

Ta dah - enter the So what? Who cares? test

This is how it works.

Here's a phrase you've probably seen on a thousand websites:

“Between us, we’ve got over a 100 years of commercial legal experience.”  So what? Who cares?

So flip it into a benefit.

"We don’t waste your time or your money. We get on with the job and deliver results fast." (Don’t you wish a law firm would say that?) Great, when can I come and see you!

"This vehicle is crammed with the latest in driver-safety technology including retractable wing mirrors." Yeah, yeah, so what?

Flip it.

"You’ve parked down a teeny-weeny narrow street and a Romanian juggernaut lorry rips off your wing mirrors and drives off without stopping leaving you with a £150.00 repair bill. Now you can flip the switch and your wing mirrors cuddle up safe and sound and out of the way of bad drivers."  Hurrah, a tangible benefit.

So here’s the bottom line.

If you can say, so what? Or who cares? After any statement on your website, or on any of your marketing materials, it’s not an actual benefit.

Happy Easter - don’t eat too many eggs.