Content and copywriting

Good at making complex things simple

Whch is a very useful skill for a commercial writer. I create all kinds of content.

  • Web copy
  • Email shots including autoresonder squences, nurture campaigns, sales funnel campaigns, promotions and educational sequences
  • Blog articles of all shapes and sizes
  • Web Opt-in content (a piece of downloadable useful content that requires someone to sign up). e.g.White papers, ebooks, how to guides etc.
  • Case studies
  • Brochures and leaflets
  • Press releases and articles (n.b. I don't guarantee press coverage)

Long form content

I can turn my hand to most written projects (except for best-man speeches - please don't ask me). However I'm particularly good at long-form content such as:

It's not necessarily ruinously expensive

Obviously every job is different, but if you'd like some kind of ball-park price guide, head over to the fee guide page.

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