"OK, I like the cut of your jib, but how much does it cost?"

An hourly rate that's less than a plumber's call-out rate and no bum crack (and that's a guarantee).


I know people like to have an idea of costs before picking up the phone - so here's some typical pricing to give you an idea.

White Papers/Ebooks/How to Guides/Best Practice Handbooks etc.

These involve a lot of work and need time to be done well. But they will last a long time - the average shelf-life for a good white paper or ebook is around 18 months.

From: £850.00 for something around 1500 words

Case studies

Speaking to your client, drafting the story, obtaining approvals etc.

From £295.00 for around 800 words

Opinion/feature/general editorial articles

From £250.00 for around 800 words

Web content

Refreshing existing website content: From £595 + VAT

Click here for more details

Brand new web content for new sites: From £995 + VAT

Click here for details

Marketing and content strategies

Marketing strategy projects vary so much. But to give you an idea, over the past 12 months I've done strategy projects with clients for as little as £399, and the biggest strategy project was £7,000. It's a sliding scale that depends on complexity, how many people are involved in the process and how much backround research that needs to be done. It's common sense really.

Press releases

To write a news story. From £295.00

To distribute your news release to the media, I use a distribution service and prices range from £50.00 to £200 depending on the type of media you want your stories to reach.

NB: I cannot guarantee press coverage.

Short articles

Stories less than 500 words. From £195.00

Blog articles

Coming up with ideas and drafting each story £195.00

Email marketing

Simple email content:  From £295.00 

Email sequences and campaigns need detailed costings. So get in touch to discuss.

VAT - all prices are exclusive of VAT.

My minimum fee level is £195.00

Create your own package deal

Some clients like to have my support on a monthly fee arrangement. That’s good for me so clients on a monthly fee get roughly a 10% discount. So that makes it good for you too. We agree all activities in advance, so you know exactly what work I will be doing on your behalf during each month.

Ways of keeping costs down

Here’s a couple of ways to keep costs down, so I’m actually doing the work you need, rather than wasting time chasing and doing needless admin tasks.

1. Keep meetings to a minimum.

I know there’s still something special about meeting people face to face, and there are situations where that needs to happen. But the more I have to travel, the more expensive things work out for you because I have to factor a percentage of down time due to travel and meeting time into my quotes. So If you are happy to use Skype, Facetime, Google Hangouts or even the phone and email as much as possible, then more cost effective things become.

2. Pull together all the right information.

I get lots of situations where I quote on a job based on being provided with all the information. Or I’m told that people I need to speak will know that I’ll be calling. Then I spend all the quoted time chasing people and doing the background research to find the information that I was promised beforehand. This eats time. So if you can keep your side of the deal, it means I can spend quality time actually doing the creative work, rather than admin, and it means your bill will be a lot smaller.