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"Jackie Harris is a marketing yoda"

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"Excellent at understanding client needs and translating them into meaningful and practical solutions."

“Jackie is a professional marketing and business development consultant whose depth and range of knowledge, enthusiasm, and dedication always ensures that creative and practical solutions to business problems arefound.  Jackie is excellent at understanding client needs andtranslating them into meaningful and practical business solutions.  I would never hesitate at recommending Jackie.”

Ian Corrie, University of Cumbria

No-nonsense and pragmatic...

"Jackie is incredibly knowledgeable. Her no-nonsense, pragmatic approach to helping small businesses to understand marketing cuts through the confusion and leaves her course participants with a clear overview of what has to be done, when and why."

Sarah Short, The Coaching Revolution

A marketing consultant that really delivers...

"Immediately after the articles you wrote for me appeared in the Law Society Gazette and Solicitor's Journal I had a new client and several new leads. My past experience of marketing consultants has been that they just 'talk the talk', but that's certainly not the case with you. You deliver."

Mark Carr, IE Photography

"Her capacity for workable ideas is enormous..."

“Jackie is an invaluable asset to our business.  Her extensive experience of marketing and her objective, informed view of our business combine to give a fresh edge to our marketing activities that simply wouldn't be there without her.  And Jackie is great to work with. Her capacity for practical workableideas is enormous and her engaging style of working have made her muchmore than just a marketing consultant - Jackie is part of our team.”

Dan Sheils, Acorn Coaching & Development

"Her writing skills are brilliant. We've had many positive responses to pieces written by Jackie"

“Jackie's approach is very professional and her understanding of the multiple layers of marketing is very thorough. Her writing skills forpress releases and articles is simply brilliant and we've had manypositive responses to pieces written by Jackie about our projects andcompany. She is very objective with regards to business development and marketing strategies, to which we sit up an take note. A pleasure towork with.”

Alison Tordoff, Fidget Design

"...committed, creative with a wealth of experience..."

“I've worked with Jackie on a number of projects and would happily work with her again. Jackie is able to step into a project at short notice,  absorb the brief and deliver the desired results with no fuss. She's agreat person to work with, committed, creative and has a wealth ofexperience. Highly recommended.”

Juliet Shaw

"I walked in knowing nothing, and left with a myriad of ideas..."

"I really enjoyed your workshop. I've been to so many events where I've been left 'wanting' something more I could get my teeth into'. Your workshop gave me that extra something. It's all well and good to have all these different 'social media' tools but without anything to say they are just tools. The most important things I gained from your session was a surge of confidence and a kind of 'permission' to give blogging a go. We had been considering buying someone in to blog on our behalf but today has changed my mind.

I'm sure I'll create some bloopers and it will take some time to 'craft' my own style but I'm keen to give it a go. So just to say again thank you. I walked in with a blank piece of paper and walked out with a myriad of ideas."

Sue Wallace
Reach Beyond Adventure

"She took a complicated brief and made it look easy - a sure sign of talent."

“Jackie and I have worked together on a number of projects and hercopywriting work is outstanding.  I have found her to be trustworthy and   friendly, as well as great with customers.  And she always keeps me in   the loop so I know what's happening.  Our latest joint client is thrilled to bits with the copy Jackie hascreated for their property development brochure.  She took acomplicated brief and made it look easy - the sure sign of a talentedindividual.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Jackie for copywriting and PRwork.”

Joanne Allday, Showing Off

Thank you for your help...

A year ago I attended one of your workshops on creative copywriting and I'm pleased to report it has made a big difference to my writing...

For example, since attending your course:

  • I have been elected by my peers to be North of England Congress representative at the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply. This was purely on the basis of a 500 word campaign statement.
  • Innovia has been shortlisted in the CIPS Annual Awards for Best Contribution to Corporate responsibility. This was determined by 3 page submission which had to; grab the attention of the judges, tell a story and sell the project.

I'm really pleased I attended!

Ian Robinson, Innovia Films

"I've come away with a greater confidence in my ability to write"

"I spent yesterday afternoon in the company of Jackie Harris and 6 other (like me) small business owners trying to learn the basics of "Writing to Sell". Jackie made it fun, interesting and interactive and I've come away with a greater confidence in my ability to write sales copy. Some excellent sounding tips and downloadable slides and more advice after the event. Thanks Jackie. Wish me luck!"

Clare (Growing Singing, Kendal)

What a truly inspiring course!

"Surrounded by a group of lovely, strong women, the course empowered me to start writing from the heart. I know I need to tone that back a bit for business, but it gives me an excellent place to start from."

Claire Hewitt

"The best marketing workshop I've ever been on..."

"I went into the workshop not quite knowing what to expect, and left bursting with ideas. It’s the best marketing workshop I’ve ever been on."

Martin Sutherland, Business Coach

Motivated to get things done

"I find Jackie’s approach refreshing and easy to understand, I always come away motivated to get things done."

Clare Hill, Shiatsu Therapist

"I now know that marketing is not a dark art"

"I was scared of marketing and thought I'm just a one person business - marketing is for big companies. But being on Jackie's marketing course has totally changed my mind. I can see that there's all kinds of marketing ideas that will work for me. It's exciting!"

Elaine Cookson, artist

New ideas I'd never thought about before

"Jackie’s courses are brilliant. I leave with so much food for thought, giving me new ideas about how to portray myself and my business in ways I’d not previously thought about. Informative, friendly and fun, but never daunting. Thoroughly recommend."

Lorna Shelbourn, Girl Friday South Lakes

I didn't know I could write - apparently I can

"Thanks to Jackie's encouragement I realised that I'm a much better writer than I though I was. I skipped out the workshop full of amazing ideas."

Helen Maclean, hotelier

"My brain is buzzing"

"I left the Storytelling in Marketing workshop buzzing with ideas for stories that I can use as part of our marketing. We have so many stories, it never occurred to me use them in our marketing before."

Julia Chambers

"...she is full of ideas, so you come away inspired with enthusiasm..."

"Training sessions with Jackie are interesting, fun, and, most of all, informative.  There are two good things about her workshops – one, she knows her stuff, so she tells you, clearly, the important things you need to know; and, two, she is full of ideas, so you come away inspired with enthusiasm to put her ideas and tips into action."

Diana Raven, One Spirit Interfaith Celebrant and Tarot Counsellor

"She reads her audience well and listens attentively to individual needs."

"Jackie is extremely knowledgeable about writing and marketing. She is an excellent trainer, communicating effectively, reading her audience well and listening attentively to requests and responses. She modifies her session to take into account the needs of the delegates on the day. I highly recommend attending her training."

Suzanne Johnson, accountant

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