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You can't bore people into buying from you...

Every morning we switch on our devices and we're immediately whammed by an avalance of emails, social media posts, app notifications, pop-ups, ads sliding in and blocking the page, and don't get me started on the things that go 'ping' for absolutely no reason...need I say more?

So what makes people stop and click?

Think about it. We only stop and click on content or marketing messages that are directly relevant to us. This means we need to spend more time thinking about who we are targeting, understanding what makes these people tick, and then crafting messages and a tone of voice that will resonate and really mean something.

Then your copy becomes compelling and interesting, not boring...and that's when the magic happens!


Well, ta dah!

Help is on hand...

I'm Jackie and I'm a whizz at creating content, coming up with ideas, and helping you communicate to your target audiences in a way that will make them want to stop and click.


I can also teach you to write amazing copy for your own website, social media, blogs or marketing materials. You'll never run out of ideas again.



How can I help you?

No two clients are ever alike. But here are a few of the ways I can help you.


Content ideas & Planning

I come in and essentially 'sort you out' so you know what do do, when to do it and how to do it. A bit like Ray Winston but I've got better hair, and know a lot more about marketing.

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'Ask me anything' sessions

Sometimes you need a short fix of professional advice to get you out of a rut, or just to check that you've not gone mad.

My 'Ask me anything' Skype sessions are just the thing! You get advice, an action plan to move you forward and a bit of bum kicking when needed.


Content & copywriting

Great value package deals, or we can go full-on 'A la Carte'. Your web content and/or marketing materials will be supercharged to help you attract the right kind of customers.


Learn content creation skills

Anyone can learn how to create fantastic content for websites, social media, blogs or sales materials. It's not about fancy words - it's about the right messages to the right people.


Happy customers


Creative & practical solutions

“Jackie is a professional marketing and business development consultant whose depth and range of knowledge, enthusiasm, and dedication always ensures that creative and practical solutions to business problems are found. "

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She makes it look easy...

"She took a complicated brief and made it look easy - the sure sign of a talented individual.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Jackie"

Joanne Allday, Showing Off Ltd

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"Excellent at understanding client needs."

Ian Corrie, University of Cumbria


Part of our team...

"Jackie is great to work with. Her capacity for practical workable ideas is enormous and her engaging style of working have made her much more than just a marketing consultant - Jackie is part of our team.”

Dan Shiels


An asset to our business...

“Jackie is an invaluable asset to our business.  Her extensive experience of marketing and her objective, informed view of our business combine to give a fresh edge to our marketing activities that simply wouldn't be there without her."

Acorn Coaching

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She delivers results without any fuss...

"Jackie is able to step into a project at short notice,  absorb the brief and deliver the desired results with no fuss. She's a great person to work with, committed, creative and has a wealth of experience. Highly recommended.”

Juliet Shaw

"Jackie Harris is a marketing Yoda"

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