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Ethical marketing, sales and business support for consultants, therapists and coaches

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Do you sell your time for money?

I bet you're the absolute dog's doo-dahs at what you do. You've probably got shed-loads of qualifications, umpteen years of experience and your clients love what you do for them.

But maybe things are not quite going according to plan?

  1. You're not getting enough clients or money coming in
  2. You don't like or want the kind of clients you're currently attracting
  3. You're stuck in a rut
  4. Like Lord Lucan or Shergar, nobody can find you
  5. The thought of marketing yourself gives you the heebie-geebies

Well my friend, you're found the right place...


Hi there, I'm Jackie Harris

I've been a marketing consultant for some of the world's biggest brands for more years that I care to say out loud. I started my business selling time for money and so I understand exactly what it's like to have to hustle, deliver great work and keep that cashflow on track. I focus my attention on helping service based business owners build their profile and attract the kind of paying customers you really want. I also help my clients introduce new revenue streams, create service 'packages' and other creative ways to earn more without driving yourself to drink.


A busy and profitable business doesn't happen by accident

I'm aided and abetted in this venture by my lovely husband Darren, who is a successful Sports Massage, Rolfing & Somatics practitioner in the English Lake District. He's always booked solid, and so from time to time he adds in his twopenneth worth of wisdom and experience into the mix. We fine tuned his marketing and sales techniques that took his business from a standing start to booked solid in under 12 months.

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