Quick fix advice sessions

1-2-1 sessions to get down to the nitty-gritty of your business

I can help you see the gaps in your marketing that may not be obvious to you. You can get an objective mind to take look at your business and help you see what's working and not working.

Sound marketing advice

We focus on you, your business and your marketing

We can use this time for whatever you want: marketing, sales or brainstorming ideas. We can work on your social media, strategy, digital techniques, email marketing, copywriting, content creation...the list is endless.

There's no hot air or anything 'airy fairy' about this. These sessions are practical and we do serious work.

What do you get?

Everything you need to put our sessions into practice

  • I do some research in advance on your online presence/website etc. so you can get some objective feedback. This means when we speak, we can get right down to the nitty-gritty.
  • Face to face time with me, either on Skype, or you can come to my office near Kendal.
  • You get a recording (for Skype people).
  • I feed in ideas of things that are effective and 'doable'. Things you'll be excited about putting into place.
  • I send you follow up notes and an action plan.

What next? How do we make this happen

Drop me an email and we'll fix up a time to chat about the best option for you. This will also give you an idea if my approach is right for you. Then we'll sort out the paperwork and get you started.

Alternatively you can book your session right away.


Hmmm, sounds good, how much will it cost?

I'm not cheap, but you will get a return on your investment through dozens of new clients over the coming months and years.

A one-off session

A one-off 90 minute session on Skype or you are welcome to come to me.

£195.00 + VAT