Create amazing social media content

Never be stuck for social media content again!

Tons of great ideas for all your social media and digital marketing activities.

You've done the social media courses. Your Twitter, Facebook, Linked-in and Google+ accounts are all set up and you're blog is ready to roll. But what happens now? How do you create engaging articles and posts that will interest your audience?

This course will teach you tips and techniques to keep your social media content bursting with original and engaging content forever.

The course will cover:

- The different types of content you can use across major social media platforms.
- 20 ideas for creating blog articles and social media posts that can be adapted and recycled indefinitely.
- The anatomy of a great blog post - structure, language, what to include and what to leave out.
- How to get maximum mileage from every post - how to recycle and reuse your content.
- Shameless shares - a look at the most popular and most shared types of content on the social media platforms.
- How to plan and create a simple social media content schedule.
- Best practice - Do’s and don’ts.
- Ideas for more strategic campaigns.
- Integrating your social media activities into your offline activities.


- Information on tons of cool tools and time saving shortcuts.

This is a fun course that will get your creative juices flowing.

What do you get?

The programme includes all the following:

  1. An online course - with video presentations, examples, templates, checklists etc.
  2. Access to the e-learning portal - you can access all the materials for 6 months after the programme is completed.
  3. Downloadable notes and slides - which you can keep and refer to whenever you need them.
  4. Q&A - you can ask me questions about the course (I normally respond within 24 hours).

The investment

The total programme costs £295.00 (+ VAT) = £354.00

The course is currently being refurbished and revamped is will be available again 1st October.

If you would like to get notification nearer the time pop your details in below and you'll get a 10% discount code as soon as we're ready to rock!



Any queries contact Jackie Harris on: 01539 621639/07703 231598 or email me by clicking here